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Our Services

Our Services

Information Security Solutions

108 GB RAM offers a fully managed and monitored information security as solution that protects your sensitive data anywhere.

IT resides and achieve compliance with stringent data privacy regulations and ensure that sensitive information are safe within your available budgets from year to year.

108 GB RAM can assist you in the below:
I. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
II.Patch Management
III.Critical Security Controls Monitoring
IV.Proactive Security Monitoring
V.Reactive Security Monitoring
VI. Clouding Security
V. Information security framework implementation using ISO 27001, SOC2 (Type1/Type2), NIST, FFIEC, PCI DSS VI. Health care regulations using HIPAA, HITRUST


The purpose of training is to up skill and enable to do the job better, keeping this in mind, we have crafted Security services training.

We offer a wide array of training including IT Asset Management , Governance Information Security and application security, penetration testing (beginner to advanced).

Each of the training is designed for all levels, starting from an introduction all the way to advance.

The training is unique and designed to train your organization on all aspects around security.

108 GB RAM can provide training in:
I. COBIT Foundation
II. COBIT Implementation
III. COBIT assesor
IV. ISO 27001 Foundation
V. ISO 27001 Implementation
V. ISO 27001 Assessor
VIII. SOC Analyst

Security Operations Centre(SOC)

Effective cyber security monitoring and response is critical to all enterprise IT security programmes.

Managing a SOC in a clear and well defined manner is crucial for its success.

We will work closely with you to bring our proven SOC management processes to your environment and tailor them to your organization's needs Unlike traditional providers we don't take a one size fits all aproach.

We design the SOC people, processes and technology around your business requirements and ensure you get what you need to protect your business.

We provide both dedicated onsite SOCs and remote managed security services for clients across a range of industry sectors.

We provide flexible offerings, excellent customer service, ensure context-aware support and provide the right balance between reactive monitoring and proactive threat hunting.

108 GB RAM can provide:
I. 24/7 expert security monitoring at an affordable price
II. Actionable intelligence, enabling internal IT teams to effectively and quickly resolve issues
III. Assured compliance with all industry regulatory rules (HIPAA, PCI DSS,GDPR etc.)
IV. Full visibility into event logs, powerful reporting, customized dashboards and drill down analytics
V. Easily scalable service, which grows as your security needs grow

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies play a vital role in assisting you to:
I. Detect and respond to IT security threats and breaches
II. Mitigate risk
III. Ensure complaince

Today there are many SIEM solutions which are powerful tools and promise to make use of your endpoint, network, and system log data while empowering you with direct control to configure your unique environment.

However, their success and efficiency depends on the thought and efforts that goes into how they are configured, deployed, used and maintained.

Main challenges that are ignored while implementing SIEM tool, are
I. Challenges of aligning SIEM with today's security challenges
II. Difficulty of improving outputs to be accurate , actionable, and relevant
III. Underestimating total efforts and cost required to meet objectives.

108 GB RAM offers a breakthrough alternative to in-house software or appliance based implementation of SIEM products. We deliver value through rapid deployment, ease-of-use, and instant access to expertise.

108 GB RAM can provide :
SIEM solution management, monitoring, and maintenance I. 24/7 performance and availability event monitoring
II. industry best practices
III. access to highly trained security experts advanced reporting functionality
IV. We can deploy SIEM tools like Wazuh or Splunk or a tool of your choice.

GRC Consulting

The purpose of implementing good governance is to drive sustainable, repeatable processes and a proper risk management and meeting ongoing compliance.

108 GB RAM believes that bad governance directly reflects in the balance sheet be it customers exit, be it losses, be it immature processes resulting in frequent major incidents or supplier payments or fines paid.

108 GB RAM can assist you in the below
I. COBIT5 Gap Analysis using ISO 15504 standard
II. COBIT5 implementation
III. COBIT Process migration from COBIT5to COBIT2019
IV. ISO 38500, ISO 31000 Implementation.

ITAM Consulting

IT asset management is an important part of an organisation's strategy.

It usually involves gathering detailed hardware and software inventory information which is then used to make decisions about hardware and software purchases and redistribution.

108 GB RAM can assist you in below:
I. Drafting ITAM Policies and procedures
II. Gap Analysis
III. Implementing best pratices
IV. Tooling

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